Business Aviation World Market Evolution and Business Model Analysis – A Solution to Be Closer

Business Aviation World Market Evolution and Business Model Analysis - A Solution to Be Closer

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Conference: ICEUBI 2015
Year: 2015
Location: Covilhã, Portugal


Globalisation and the consequent internationalization of companies is a growing trend. Therefore greater speed and flexibility are required from companies.

As the Americans say “time is money” and the truth is that with the increase of competition, the time factor has become  highly important  not only in business world but also in the whole society.

Currently, the fastest, flexible and practical mode of transport is undoubtedly the Business Aviation. Business Aviation is a market with great potential and a promising future.

Unfortunately, Business Aviation is not accessible to all, the high costs of these aircraft do not allow that many companies and individuals make use of this way of transport.

This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part we start to introduce the concept and the history of business aviation, describing what it is, what use have, where and when was born and how it has evolved. It is also analyzed the worldwide distribution of this market, identified the major world markets and projections for its future and the main benefits and values of using this mode of transport.

It is made a comparison between the Executive Aviation and its direct competitors: the airline business travel (ABT), ground transportation and the remote communication tools (Internet based) and also a description of the business models used by companies that sell this mode of transport.

In the second part, it is presented one idea to solve the problem of the high costs for a specific market constituted by a set of countries: Portugal, Spain and France.

For this problem it is presented a solution that consists of creating an air transport network, constituted with small jets that made the connection between airports and airfields in the Iberian Peninsula and France. With this, it would be possible to connect through air the various cities of the three countries.


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Manuel Duarte

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