NIT (TRT - Transportation Research Team)

NIT – Núcleo de Investigação em Transportes, or TRT – Transportation Research Team, is a group of researchers from the Aerospace Sciences Department of the Faculty of Engineering of UBI – University of Beira Interior, at Covilhã, Portugal. The main research areas of NIT include: Air Transportation and Airports, Aircraft Operations and Flight Safety and Security.   NIT is also engaged with other transportation areas, from motor vehicles to urban infrastructure planning, from aviation efficiency to adaptive technologies, and their influence on personal behaviour.

NIT was founded in 2011 and its scientific coordinator is Professor Jorge Miguel dos Reis Silva, PhD in Transportation, member of the Academia for more than 20 years. Currently, the NIT team is composed by 20 members developing different research activities, PhD and MSc thesis, and consultation work related to the above-mentioned topics. After some years of collaboration, in the beginning of 2016, Professor Jorge Silva  became an integrated member of CERIS – Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability, a research, development and innovation group of IST – Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, and since then NIT objectives are exclusively aligned with those of CERIS.