Programme: Flight Safety and Security

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Programme Description

Safety and Security are important components for the sustainability of air transport systems. Safety means the best performance of the aircraft and human resources engaged as well as of the facilities utilized. Safety and Security group is focused: on the tactics and strategies, the pilot’s psychophysiological behaviour study and its impact on own performance and on flight safety; and on the relation between the existing emergency protocols and the air transport constrains for passengers with reduced mobility.

Programme Details

PhD Students: Sara Zorro
MSc Students: Cláudia G. Pires, J. Marcelo Gomes
Research Areas:            Safety, Security, Simulation, Others
Title Author
PhD (IST) Accessibility Constrains in the Airport-Aircraft Transfer Sara Zorro
MSc Constrains in the Airport Emergency Protocols for Passengers with Reduced Mobility Cláudia G. Pires
MSc Light Aviation and Flight Safety: Physiological Parameters Monitorization J. Marcelo Gomes
Name: SKYSAFE – Monitoring of Critical Physiological Parameters for Flight Safety of Sports Aviation Pilots
Duration: 2015-2017
  • Aerospace Sciences Department (UBI);
  • CERIS;
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (UBI);
  • Centre for Anesthesiology Research (Santo António Hospital).
Remarks: LAETA (Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics) 2015 Project.