Air Transportation and Airports Programme

Air Transportation and Airports

Air Transport takes place in an increasingly complex environment due, on one hand the diversity of actors involved and, secondly, the role it plays in economic development. Air Transportation and Airports research group seeks to derive science and technology development of an environmental friendly air transportation system able to analyse and evaluate the impacts of economic actions of airlines and airport managers on regional and national economies.

Aircraft Operations Programme

Aircraft Operations

The emerging technological developments, with a strong impact on the aviation industry, has put Infrastructures, Operations and Systems of Air Transportation on permanent challenge. Aircraft Operations group intends to carry out an applied research on new concepts of aircraft that enable the development of new business models for airports and airlines without compromising the safety of operations and sustainability of systems.

Flight Safety and Security Programme

Flight Safety and Security

Safety and Security are important components for the sustainability of air transport systems. Safety means the best performance of the aircraft and human resources engaged as well as of the facilities utilized. Safety and Security group is focused: on the pilot’s psychophysiological behaviour study and its impact on own performance and on flight safety; and on the relation between the existing emergency protocols and the air transport constrains for passengers with reduced mobility.