Programme: Aircraft Operations

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Programme Description

The emerging technological developments, with a strong impact on the aviation industry, has put Infrastructures, Operations and Systems of Air Transportation on permanent challenge. Aircraft Operations group intends to carry out an applied research on new concepts of aircraft that enable the development of new business models for airports and airlines without compromising the safety of operations and sustainability of systems.

Programme Details

MSc Students: João Neves, Laura N. Martins, Luis G. Trindade, João Santos, Carlos Cavaleiro
Research Areas:            Project, Simulation, ATFM, Others
Remarks: National and International Patents Request Summited
Title Author
MSc Hybrid Airships: New Concepts for New Applications. Distribution of Freight in Urban Logistics João Neves
MSc Hybrid Airship: Flight Simulation Training Device Development Laura N. Martins
MSc Hybrid Airship: Flight Simulation Coefficient Parameters Luis G. Trindade
MSc Hybrid Airship: New Structure Concept and Mechanical Characterisation of 3D Printed Materials  João Santos
MSc Sustainable Management of Helicopter Operations for Forest Fire Fighting Carlos Cavaleiro
MSc Hybrid Airship: Air Rules and Navigational Aids Sara Alves


Publication Number: PT 108532 A
Inventors: Rosário Macário, Vasco Reis, Jorge SIlva, Pedro Gamboa, João Neves