Strategic orientation for 2017-2020

NIT is a young research group officially founded in 2011, but the team is highly motivated in the implementation and promotion of a strategic action plan for the triennium 2017-2020. The key actions are:

  • To promote the internal brainstorming oriented towards the affirmation of NIT (and its researchers individually) at national and international scientific forums.
  • To stimulate the production and dissemination of knowledge by the engagement of NIT with national and international high quality level programs like COST and AIRDEV, approaching the team with national and international scientific standards.
  • To stimulate the development to find out how much does window replacement cost
    and dissemination of knowledge in the transportation area in general, from undergraduate to post-doctoral training levels, encouraging an active intervention of students in research activities and teaching practices mainly based on projects.

These actions are guided by a clear objective of strengthening NIT national and international intervention as a modern and attractive area of ​​university research.