Air Transport

Air Transport

Forecast and Scenarios

  • Elaborate forecast and scenarios for air transport agents (airlines, airports, governments and stakeholders);
  • Elaborate forecast and scenarios with a short-, mid- and long term focus, from regional to global level.


  • Monitoring and reporting air transport;
  • Analyse the impacts of air transport development;
  • Assess air transport developments and its supply and demand.


  • Analyse marketing and competition;
  • Measure market-based and operational evolution;
  • Determine economic impacts.

Operations and Infrastrutures

  • Improve efficiency of domestic and international air transportation systems;
  • Improve efficiency of infrastructures;
  • Optimise air transportation processes, including the management of technology and innovation, as a way to promote competitive advantages

Airline Management

  • Design and prototype of decision support systems for airline operations and management;
  • Optimise airline planning processes;
  • Model planning of network, fleet and aircraft rotation;
  • Assess and classify airlines performance and efficiency;
  • Optimise logistics and maintenance processes.


  • Agent based modelling of the impact of human coordination on air transport system performance;
  • Study network of interactions between many human and technical systems;
  • Safety risk analysis.