Tiago Rosa

Tiago Miguel Raposo Rosa

Tiago Rosa enrolled the integrated MSc course in Aeronautical Engineering at University of Beira Interior (UBI) in 2011.

In early 2014, he joined NIT Air Transportation and Airports team, starting his MSc thesis with the main goal of understanding the impacts in airports efficiency caused by the liberalisation of air transport in Europe.

Since Tiago entered NIT, he has been a proactive member helping MSc and PhD students developing their thesis; organising activities to promote NIT; and working as a NIT consultant in transportation projects, such as, CIM-BSE and MOVE.

During his research activities, Tiago has attended several international conferences; and submitted and published scientific articles in conferences and journals.

His passion for aviation started in 2006 when he was introduced to the activity of Airplane Spotting, starting first by collecting aircraft registrations and photos, and then developing a passion for making movies about aircrafts, airports and other aeronautical subjects which are published in his YouTube Chanel.

In 2009, Tiago got involved with Flight Simulation activities as virtual pilot and since then, he and his NIT colleague Laura Martins have been promoting the activity and the aeronautical spirit on several events among students.

Researcher in Transportation


NIT Researcher Since: 2014
Programme: Air Transportation and Airports
Email: tiagorosa.nit@ubi.pt
Phone Number: +351 926 355 453
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