Claudia G. Pires

Cláudia Sofia Guerrinha C. Pires

Cláudia Guerrinha Pires has started her academic activities in 2010 by enrolling the MSc in Aeronautical Engineering at Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal. In 2014 joined NIT – Transportation Research Team in which she develops research activities, scientific papers and attends international conferences. She Is also a member of the academic cultural and musical female group EncantaTuna (T.A.F.U.B.I.) since 2011, were she organised every year several musical events and cultural activities. Also, she has already integrated some volunteering activities.

Investigadora em Transportes

Cláudia Pires

Cláudia Pires


Investigadora do NIT desde: 2014
Programa: Segurança de Voo
Número de Telefone: +351 926 226 967
Rede Social: Facebook

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