José Braz

José Miguel Braz

José Braz concluded in 2011 the MSc in Aeronautical Engineering. Since 2013, he works as a Maintenance Programs & Technical Documentation Engineer in Hi Fly.

Curriculum vitæ

O MACBETH como Ferramenta MCDA para o Benchmarking de Aeroportos

Jorge Silva

Jorge Silva

Programme: Air Transportation and Airports
Year: 2011
Keywords: Airport Benchmarking, Airport Ranking, MCDA, MacBeth.


Airport Benchmarking is seen nowadays as an important tool to the stakeholders of the aeronautical field whether they are: States/Governments, Airliners, Business Managers, Passengers, or Airport Administration itself.

To make the airport benchmarking is needed the construction of rankings. To do so, besides the selection of the criteria that could better answer to what is intended to be studied and the attractiveness of each one, the identification of which is the best methodology to construct the above mentioned rankings assumes extreme importance.

This work intends to give to the stakeholders an user-friendly tool for the construction of performance and efficiency rankings of a set of airports, as well as to do self-benchmarking of an airport in particular. To do so, the tool used in this work was the MacBeth software, an MCDA approach.


Maintenance Programs & Technical Documentation Engineer na Hi Fly

José Braz

José Braz


NIT Researcher: 2011 – 2011
Programme: Air Transportation and Airports
Phone Number: +351 911 161 646

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